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"Turning Business Plans into Sales Revenue"


"The PLAN Selling approach provides a blueprint for sales growth"

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 Sales Planning

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  Step by Step...

From Business Plan to SALES Plan

We will help develop your SALES Plan to reflect a clear understanding of your market, what products and services you offer, what makes you different and how well your customers will value that difference.

The SALES plan will give absolute clarity to the sales team on their focus of activity, revenue and profit targets, as well as allowing you to align all resources within the company to deliver against the plan.

SALES performance will be KPI measured against the plan to provide clarity and confidence in revenue and profit forecasts.

  The PLAN Methodology

The PLAN approach drives sales and profit forward by focusing SALES resource on:

  1. What makes you different
  2. What competitive advantage that gives you
  3. Which customers and sectors will value that difference